Short Film | 40′ | 2018
directed by Enrico Maria Minto


Vittorio Palesi, a journalist, must write an article on the suicide of Andrea Elmi, a young photographer who hanged himself. During his investigation, he met Ginevra, a prostitute who would help him unravel the mystery surrounding the boy’s disappearance. Vittorio soon found himself entangled in Andrea’s old life, with its dangers and absurdities.

Giulia Alberoni
Valerio Mammolotti
Tiziana Di Tonno
Tiziano Ferracci
Paolo Pieretti
Carlo Salvatore
Lilian Sassanelli
Milo Vallone

Director: Enrico Maria Minto
Production: Il Varco Cinema
Producer: Andrea Gatopoulos
Director of Photography: Andrea Gatopoulos
Editing: Andrea Gatopoulos
Original Score: Giorgio Labagnara
Sound editing and mix: Federico Antonaci


Gargantua Film