Black eyed dog

directed by Alessandro Zolfanelli


Franco is a child who loves to venture into the trees and take pictures of insects and small animals, which he watches in wonder. One day, during one of his expeditions, he comes across an impossible creature: a huge, monstrous floating fish. The trauma of this vision changes him forever: he becomes obsessed with the creature and draws it repeatedly, for many years, trying to reproduce it perfectly.



Writer and director: Cino Zolfanelli
Animation: Cino Zolfanelli
Set Designer: Marco Marcucci
Cinematographers: L. Scudiero, A. Gatopoulos, A. Manenti
Costume design: Cinzia e Francesca Bartocci
Produced by Il Varco Cinema, Hubris Pictures, 5AM Studios
Producers Andrea Gatopoulos, Marco Crispano, Leonardo Kurtz, Giulia Grandinetti, Alessandro Zolfanelli, Jeroen Zijlstra
Motion reference: Alessandro Pacioni



20. In The Palace International Short Film Festival – OSCAR Qualifying
21. Alice nella Città – Rome Film Festival