directed by Samuele Sestieri


A mysterious woman awakens on a deserted beach. He wanders among ruins and rubble, perceiving the memory of objects. As a source of energy it is able to reactivate technological devices that have been deactivated for some time.In a ghost town, the woman accesses the digital archive of the smartphone that belonged to a boy called Leonardo. Thus he learns the language of images and sounds and, through the videos of the relationship between Leonardo and his girlfriend, he knows love.


Director: Samuele Sestieri
Synopsis and screenplay: Pietro Masciullo, Samuele Sestieri
Cinematographer: Andrea Sorini
Editor: Fabio Bobbio
Original Score: Virginia Quaranta
Set designer: Teresa Fano
Makeup And Costume designer: Fabiola Liotti
Live Sound: Francesco Murano
Sound editor: New Digital Film Sound
Assistant Director: Niccolò Giorgi
Colorist: Olmo Amato


Carlotta Velda Mei
Matteo Cecchi
Laura Sinceri
Vasile Moroșan


A production by Studio Ma.Ga. in association with Il Varco
Produced by Pietro Stori, Samuele Sestieri
Associated producers Marco Crispano, Andrea Gatopoulos, Mario Cattaneo
With the support of Aldo Sestieri, Salvatore Masciullo


International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021 | World Premiere
Mostra del Cinema di Pesaro 2021
Matera Film Festival 2021 | Best emerging actress
Torino Underground Cinefest 2021