Sacro moderno

directed by Lorenzo Pallotta


In the mountain town of “Intermesoli” there are few people left. The young Simone, the unspoken heir of memories and ancient traditions, takes on the responsibilities of the town. Not far away lives Philip, a hermit and individualist, who, far from everyone, tries to rebuild himself and his faith.
Simone and Filippo, bound by oppressive silences, deal with limits and inner compromises under the watchful gaze of a people who, unwittingly, overwhelms their life and their destiny.


Director: Lorenzo Pallotta
Esecutive producer: Andrea Rosasco e Stefano Chiavarini
Cinematographer: Andrea Benjamin Manenti
Editor: Massimo Da Re
Assistant director: Matteo Delai,  Gabriele Biasi, Dario Lauritanio, Antonio La Camera
Sound: Andrea Oppo, Luciano Marzocchella Alessandra Salvatori
Camera assistant: Pietro Pappalettera, Alessio Castiglia, Andrea Lenci
Production supervisor: Sara Cecconi, Francesco Bruschetta



Filippo Lanci
Simone Caruso
Mattia Caruso


Currently in post-production. Coming soon 2021